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Pretend to be your own customer

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”- Maria Robinson   Having recently made a dinner booking at a 5-star hotel managed by a leading International hotel chain, that had just opened; read more...

Don't treat locals as second class guests!

For many years, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry was beset by rumours of discrimination against local tourists. Many of these complaints mainly originated from the island’s coastal regions, where locals were refused services from restaurants and hotels. However, the discrimination of read more...


Labouring under an illusion

The success of the hospitality industry has always been entrenched in the provision of service and the continued fostering of relationships. At its core, the role of hospitality was, and still is, to hook up the different essentials of a read more...

Epic hospitality training

EPIC - Empathy, Patience, Intuition and Compassion. Most guest service training focuses only on interpersonal communications, yet when you only teach politeness and obsess on overly scripting conversations, the result often is fake, disingenuous service.   Most hoteliers I speak with clearly read more...

Need for speed

This is not about providing guests with fast internet speeds. For sure, nothing is going to irritate a guest faster than realising they cannot connect to the internet instantly, or that the flow of hot water is like ‘waiting for read more...


Restaurant sales are up despite dining out going down

Many full service restaurants report growing sales. However, more sales don’t necessarily translate to more customers. The dining out scenario is a constantly changing moving target and it’s hard to measure merely at the cash register.   Restaurants have been raising menu read more...

During hotel check-in now may be the best time to upsell

Consider Your Strategy When Planning Pricing Tiers, Sales Pitch   In recent years, more and more hotels are utilizing pre-arrival drip campaigns offering guests the opportunity to purchase an upgrade prior to their arrival, which is certainly a smart move.   However, these days read more...