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Picking guest 'feelings'

Guests nowadays do not stay at a hotel purely for its physical environment or for the free breakfast. They stay because of the way the hotel’s staff makes them feel. It’s about making guests ‘feel’ from the moment they are read more...

Putting a dollar value on a hotel

Determining the current selling or asking price for a hotel is a bit tricky. Compared to estimating the present value of a house it’s more like a detailed math exercise rather than a Google search on Redfin. That’s what this read more...


Hiring front line customer service stars

Following my article titled “If hospitality is theatre are you hiring proper stars?” which we recently featured, I’ve had several people from the hotel industry ask me, how can one ensure hiring the best customer service people? When I discuss read more...

What personalized hospitality is and what it isn't

Acknowledgements from hotel employees mean much more than technology solutions   As a hotel conference speaker and opinion writer, I always try to stay up on the very latest innovations and tech solutions, and so I start each day by reading at read more...

How would you handle this?

A patron of a restaurant checks in at the host stand and the host offers to take the patron’s coat. The patron declines, is shown to the table, and then places the coat on the back of the chair with read more...


The top 10 cash controls

Cash is King. That’s an old expression but it’s also one that still rings true today. Everyone likes cash even if we don’t carry so much with us personally anymore. It’s important to recognize that some people will help themselves read more...

How music affects restaurant foot traffic, revenue

Few industries are as competitive as the restaurant business. Many restaurants, especially fast casual restaurants, seek the best ways to increase foot traffic and consumer base to gain that competitive edge and increase revenue. One underrated tool these establishments should read more...